About our blog

Welcome to the Sing On blog. This is a place where notices, articles and the like can be posted at any time, keeping you up-to-date with the activities of the Sydney University Graduate choir in an informal online setting.

‘How to’ Subscribe
How do I subscribe?
Look in the right hand margin and you’ll see a prompt—‘Follow Blog via Email’. Just enter your email address in the box under this and click on the button marked ‘Follow’. And that’s it – you’ll be automatically emailed every time a new blog post is published.

Are my subscription details secure?
We collect only the bare minimum information about you – your email address. However, nothing on the Internet is 100% secure, due to a range of different factors. It’s a good idea to install security software on your computer and keep it up-to-date, as well as being careful about who you give your information to.

Can I change my mind and unsubscribe?
Yes, if you decide you don’t want to keep receiving these emails, just go to the right hand column of the page. Under the notice that advises that you are following the blog you will find there is a prompt—‘Manage’. Click on that and you will find that the next page displayed allows you to ‘Unfollow’. This is also where you can change the frequency with which you are notified of new posts and comments.

How to write a Post for the Sing On Blog
What is a ‘Post’?
It’s the blog term for an ‘article’.

How do I write a post?
Posts for the blog are very welcome! As a rough guide, posts should be between 500-750 words (though this is negotiable!), and cover some aspect of the choir’s history, singing program, or other of its activities. In the past we’ve had concert reviews, news of soloists, choir photos, a discussion of Brennan poetry, as well as singing activities outside of the choir.
We’d be interested to hear from you on any of these topics, or you could write about your experiences singing with the choir, some other aspect of your musical background. We would only ask that you write about something to do with the theme of this blog.
Once you have drafted the text please forward it to me (Rosalie: current editor of the blog) by email at singonblog@gmail.com. My role is to edit (if needed) and upload, which can be done quite quickly. It’s helpful (but it’s not compulsory!) to also provide images to accompany your post, or suggest the type of image you think should go with it.

Can anyone write a post?
Certainly any singing member can. And if others associated with the choir – for example non-singing members – would like to write a post on a relevant topic, it is likely to be welcomed too.

How to write a Comment for the Sing On Blog
What is a ‘Comment’?
It’s a brief, public comment that you can add to any blog post.

Why would I comment on a post?
Normally people comment because they feel that they can add information, analysis or opinion to a post. The general idea is that the post generates a dialogue (of comments) which then becomes an interesting discussion in its own right.

How do I do it?
Under each post there is a comment box. You just enter your text, then fill in your name (or pseudonym if you prefer) and email address (note: this is not displayed on the blog). You may select a tick box if you want an email alert to be sent to you if other people subsequently comment on your comment.

Is there an approval process for comments?
Yes – this is a built-in feature. Your comment will be emailed to the blog administrator (currently Rosalie). The administrator can stop a comment from being displayed if necessary.

Why would the blog administrator block a comment?
As with the blog posts themselves, the aim is to create a space for interesting discussion about music and musicians. Comments will also need to fit within posting guidelines outlined below.

Are posts and comments censored?
Not as such—however, bad language, personal abuse and anything illegal won’t make it through. (Happily, nothing like that has been submitted to date).

What’s acceptable?
We’re seeking your honest views and opinions, but they need to be expressed in a way which respects other people’s views and opinions.
There are a few rules that are common across the online world, which we have also adopted. We ask you to:

  • use appropriate language
  • be polite, and courteous
  • protect your privacy—don’t give away too much personal information (your address, phone number, and I’d recommend not including your email address in the text of the post itself)
  • ensure your comments are relevant (or ‘on topic’) to the issues being discussed.

We will not publish content that is:

  • is misleading, deceptive, false, or defamatory
  • discriminates against on the basis of age, sex, race or religion
  • illegal, or promotes illegal activities
  • infringes the intellectual property rights of others. This means that you must not include words, sentences, phrases (including parts of written material) that other people have written unless they include a proper citation and/or acknowledgement
  • promotes any commercial interests.

Does the Committee get involved?
The blog is a very useful resource for the choir, so the Committee will continue to take a close—though not necessarily day-to-day active—interest in it. We want the blog to be interesting and enjoyable for everyone who wants to learn more about the Sydney University Graduate Choir and the music we sing.

2 Responses to About our blog

  1. Where do I book for a single concert?

  2. david moser says:

    Hi Godelieve – thanks for your question. We sell tickets through both the Ticketek and Seymour Centre agencies. Each has a web site and box office booking line – you can find details with the info for each concert under the ‘Hear Us’ section of this web site. Tickets usually go on sale about 8 weeks before the concert. Tickets are also sold on the door, though that is slightly risky since obviously seats are limited. I hope you get the tickets you’re after! David M

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